The Neil Postman Graduate Conference: Come to Pass

What is coming to pass? How do we experience that which is passing us everyday?

The 2019 Postman Graduate Conference explores themes of passage and acts of passing in media, technology, and society. Join us for this annual conference, with keynote Neferti X. M. Tadiar, Professor and Chair, Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies, Barnard College, Columbia University.

8:45 AM | Coffee + Meet and Greet
9:25 AM | Welcome by the Conference Organizers


9:30 AM | Passing and Dwelling as Geopolitical

Passages Between the U.S. and the Middle East: Racialized State Violence and Predictive Algorithms – Ozgun Eylul Iscen, Duke University

Algorithmic Trespass: Digital Gatekeepers as an apparatus of interpellation and compliance in neoliberal China – Neil Ripley, Head of Communications at Comscore

Bodies of Water: Remembering and Forgetting the Itinerant After Viet Nam – Ellie Tse, University of California, Los Angeles

Computability of the Flesh: Primitive Accumulation and Biometric Computation – Rebecca Uliasz, Duke University

11:30 PM | Passersby — Machinic Subjectivities and Socialities

The academic and the artist: Marking self-deaths through institution and individual – Mel Keiser, Artist

Fantasy fulfilled: The role of speculative dance in constructing logistic infrastructure – Manion Kuhn, New York University, Tisch

Swipe Left to Pass: The Community of Lovers under Techno-Capitalism – Claire Y. Song, New York University, Comparative Literature

2:00 PM | Rerouting — Other ways of passing, archiving, assembling

Temporalities and Temperature: The Timing of Climate Change – Adam Boffa, Independent scholar

The Living Corpse as Archive and Repertoire – Benjamin Nicholson, University of Southern California

Towards a Crip Necropolitics – Iseult Gillespie, University of Wisconsin-Madison

3:30 PM | Passing x Being — Tactics and Survival

Ain’t that ‘Bout a B*tch: The Use of Podcasts in Creating Black Feminist News Spaces – Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin, Northwestern University

“I” as Mind, “I” as Embodied: (De)Gendered Activist/Survivalist Experiences of Selfhood by those Passing Through Extreme Violence in Mustafa Khalifa’s The Shell and Nawal El Saadawi’s Memoirs from the Woman’s Prison – Queenie Sukhadia, The City University of New York

Asian American Identity Negotiation Under Affirmative Action: How the SFFA v. Harvard Suit Uncovers Mechanisms of Passing – Gabriella Lee, Independent scholar

5:15 PM | Keynote “Thresholds, Of Urban Life”  Neferti X. M. Tadiar
6:30 PM | Reception