2019 Neil Postman Graduate Conference

November 1, 2019


Conference Registration and Welcome

8:45 AM | Coffee + Meet and Greet

9:25 AM | Welcome by the Conference Organizers

PANEL 1´╗┐

9:30 AM | Passing and Dwelling as Geopolitical´╗┐

Passages Between the U.S. and the Middle East: Racialized State Violence and Predictive Algorithms – Ozgun Eylul Iscen, Duke University

Algorithmic Trespass: Digital Gatekeepers as an apparatus of interpellation and compliance in neoliberal China – Neil Ripley, Head of Communications at Comscore

Bodies of Water: Remembering and Forgetting the Itinerant After Viet Nam – Ellie Tse, University of California, Los Angeles

Computability of the Flesh: Primitive Accumulation and Biometric Computation – Rebecca Uliasz, Duke University


11:30 PM | Passersby — Machinic Subjectivities and Socialities

The academic and the artist: Marking self-deaths through institution and individual – Mel Keiser, Artist

Fantasy fulfilled: The role of speculative dance in constructing logistic infrastructure – Manion Kuhn, New York University, Tisch

Swipe Left to Pass: The Community of Lovers under Techno-Capitalism – Claire Y. Song, New York University, Comparative Literature´╗┐

12:45 PM | Lunch Break


2:00 PM | Rerouting — Other ways of passing, archiving, assembling

Temporalities and Temperature: The Timing of Climate Change – Adam Boffa, Independent Scholar

The Living Corpse as Archive and Repertoire – Benjamin Nicholson, University of Southern California

Towards a Crip Necropolitics – Iseult Gillespie, University of Wisconsin-Madison


3:30 PM | Passing x Being — Tactics and Survival

Ain’t that ‘Bout a B*tch: The Use of Podcasts in Creating Black Feminist News Spaces – Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin, Northwestern University

“I” as Mind, “I” as Embodied: (De)Gendered Activist/Survivalist Experiences of Selfhood by those Passing Through Extreme Violence in Mustafa Khalifa’s The Shell and Nawal El Saadawi’s Memoirs from the Woman’s Prison – Queenie Sukhadia, The City University of New York

Asian American Identity Negotiation Under Affirmative Action: How the SFFA v. Harvard Suit Uncovers Mechanisms of Passing – Gabriella Lee, Independent scholar


5:15 PM | Keynote – Neferti X. M. Tadiar

6:30 PM | Reception