Neil Postman Graduate Conference 2009

Helen Mills Theater — 137 West 26th Street, New York
Friday, October 30, 2009


9:00 — Doors open | Coffee served

9:15 — Welcome
Marita Sturken, Chair
Rod Benson, Director of Graduate Studies

9:30 — Panel I – Vision, Sound and/as Commodity
Jamie Berthe, “Deconstructing Tarzan or Reconstructing Racial Hierarchies?”
Melissa De Witte, “Memory and the Spectacle: Phantom and fantasy in a new economy of the image”
Jennifer Heuson, “Soundscapes of the Black Hills: An acoustemology of the American West”
Faculty moderator: Martin Scherzinger

11:00 — Panel II – Politics of Memory Lisa Gitelman, “Daniel Ellsberg and the lost idea of the photocopy”
Hatim El-Hibri, “Sectarianism, Maps and Beirut: From the French Mandate through the end of the civil war (1920-1991)”
Christine Weible, “How the creation of museums and memorials at the site of the ex-ESMA is impacting collective memory of the Dirty War in Argentina”
Scott Selberg, “Cognitive Fever: Remembering Alzheimer’s at the National Library of Medicine”
Faculty moderator: Nicholas Mirzoeff

12:45 — Lunch served

1:30 — Brian Larkin, Anthropology, Barnard College, Columbia University

2:45 — Break

3:00 — Panel III – Media Activism
Victor Pickard, “Crises and Opportunities in the Ongoing Struggle for Public Service Media”
Evan Brody, “(De)scribing Disease: Capitalist HIV imagery and cultural memory”
Dwaipayan Banerjee, “Media Activism in its Local Place: Lessons from Bhopal”
Marco Deseriis, “The Faker as Producer: Politics of fabrication and the three orders of the fake”
Faculty moderator: Allen Feldman

4:45 — Reception | Drinks served